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Talent Search


$2500 fee – any position, any salary

We guarantee you great candidates in 30 days or less.

How does it work?  You give us 3 mandatory requirements and we find you a minimum (usually more) of 3 candidates that meet this requirement and are interested within 30 days.

Why is the fee so low?  We can offer a very low fee because you are paying us for the search only (the part you really need us for).  We send you the candidates and you take it from there.    You handle your own interview setup and references.  We can do these as part of our Full Service Contingency Search.

Is there a guarantee?   We guarantee you a minimum of 3 candidates (usually more) to choose from.  You own the resumes, this means if someone does not work out, you can always go back and hire another person we sent you and there is no extra fee.

Can we hire more than one person?   Sure and best of all there is no extra fee.  This makes Talent Search a good option for line staff positions too!  Need more than one person for the same role?  We allow you to hire as many of the people we send you for each search without any extra fees.

When is the fee due?   The fee is due before we start.  If you cancel the position or put it on hold we do not refund, but you can keep the resumes sent so far or put the work on hold for another time (within one calendar year).

What if we prefer contingency with interview and reference assistance? Sure, no problem, we offer full service contingency.  Talent Search is a great option for those with a limited budget who still don’t have the time and expertise to conduct the search themselves.


We have spent decades successfully honing our abilities and experience to understand how to create/build/manage/lead great hospitality businesses. We can help you design, finance, build, staff, train, create, market, and duplicate a successful hospitality business.

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